Our campaign song  Little B  is performed by  Sarah McLachlan  and co-written with  Frank Giustra   

This campaign was created by G(irls)20. We exist to economically empower and engage girls and women and to encourage G20 Leaders to invest in this untapped and valuable resource. Engaging men and boys is important and that is what this campaign does. It is easy to participate, all you have to do is tell us your story. Fathers, how have you, can you and will you empower your daughter? Daughters, please tell us how your father has empowered you. Record your video and then post it (see below).

The song you hear was co-written by Sarah McLachlan and Frank Giustra. Little B is a lullaby from a father to his daughter and we are pleased to feature it in this campaign.

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"Little B came about because Frank Giustra was very generous in making a large donation to my free after school music program in Vancouver by way of an auction item where I was to write a dedicated lullaby for his children. Frank then offered up some lyrics he had been working on about his kids and suggested I write the song to his words - he made my job so easy as the lyrics were so sweet and a perfect sentiment about the innocence of childhood and the depth of love we feel for our children."
Sarah McLachlan
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